We discovered a week ago that we have TERMITES. A swarm of termites was spotted in our flowerbed and they then proceeded to start to EAT our fence. NOT GOOD. So today the house was treated for termites – no damage to the house yet. They’ve been too busy eating our silly fence.


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Today #ontheblog – a lovely elegant brunch with @nespressousa VertuoLine! #ad

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Host an Awesome Superbowl Party

By now, every football fan in the United States knows that the Super Bowl is coming up and it’s coming up quickly. However, throwing the perfect party isn’t always easy. Finding the perfect recipe or cocktail, for the occasion, can be a little tough. Over my years of always being volunteered to host for the Super Bowl, I’ve come up with some tips that might help out for your next party…

1. Break Out the Sport Paraphernalia

For many, the Super Bowl is a very special occasion. Lots of fans are die-hard and love to wear their jerseys, hats or even lucky underwear to the game. In my family, we are no different. We love to whip out our favorite team’s customized beer pitcher we bought from this site whenever we entertain for a sporting event.

2. Try a New Appetizer Recipe

A Super bowl party without delicious food isn’t a Super Bowl party at all. Try something different to add a little bit of spice to your party. Each year, I make a bacon wrapped meatball recipe from here. This dish is a great way to get the party talking!

3. Try a New Cocktail Recipe

Cocktails are a great way to liven the party up and getting people excited. While beer is generally the drink of choice for any sports event, cocktails also have their place. They are excellent choices for those that are willing to try new things and they usually taste a little bit better than beer. I like to switch things up and use this recipe for Winter Sangria. It’s a very tasty drink and men tend to love it as well!

4. Activities During the Half Time Show

For a lot of people, the Half Time Show is really just bathroom break time. For those that aren’t into the musical acts performing, a few rounds of your own Karaoke is a great way to liven up the party even more and have a little bit of fun!

5. Commercial Games

While some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, others watch it for the commercials. Having a “Favorite Commercial Contest” includes everyone. Everyone votes for his or her favorite commercial – pick out of a hat and the winner gets a prize!

All in all, having the greatest Super Bowl party is no easy feat. Sometimes breaking out of the same ole’ entertaining mold can be difficult. Hopefully these tips can spark up a new idea this year for the big game!

And – don’t forget – keep your guests safe! Superbowl parties often involve finger foods, people sharing dishes like salsa and dips and food sitting at room temperature for long period of time. highlights four simple steps to food safety: Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill. These basic actions include cleaning the food well, keeping potential contaminates separated, cooking meats thoroughly and chilling uneaten portions. You don’t want your guests to miss the end of the game because they’re sick, right? Break out the crockpot or warming trays for foods that need to be kept hot and serve cold foods over ice.

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new home tour: main floor

People have been asking for a home tour of our new home, and we’re finally getting unpacked and able to share bits and pieces with you! I’m going to share in pieces, since otherwise we’d have a wayyyy too long post. First I shared the basement and now we’re on the main floor! When you […]

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new home tour: basement

People have been asking for a home tour of our new home, and we’re finally getting unpacked and able to share bits and pieces with you! I’m going to share in pieces, since otherwise we’d have a wayyyy too long post. Let’s start with the kids’ favorite room: the basement! My kids have been fascinated […]

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home tour

Since our house is on the market is just about as clean as it has ever been – like ever – I thought I would share pictures before it becomes normal again. (Do we really have to take those bags and bags of stuffed animals out of storage? I think some things may get “lost” […]

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we did it

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Or like, at all. I KNOW! Sorry. We’ve been working like CRAZY for the last three weeks trying to get it in tip-top shape, doing all of the things that we live with all the time and never bother to do. Like power washing the […]

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living room makeover

My old living room looked like this: Excuse the old picture from when our house was on the market 3 years ago. I naturally forgot to take a picture before I started cause that’s how I roll. It was nice, but a bit dark. The tan walls had a bit of a green tinge that […]

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american girl tea party

It was all Gracie wanted. A real tea party with her friends and everyone’s American Girl dolls! Everyone wore their party dresses and brought their American Girl dolls. We made matching bracelets for the girls and their dolls… Then we did some flower arranging And then we ate. And ate. And YUMMM! It was a […]

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breakfast casseroles

For the brunch, I tried two new recipes for breakfast casseroles – and they were a home run. (This is so me by the way. Trying a completely new recipe for a party.) Bacon and Potato Bake adapted from our best bites 4 cups country-style hash browns (cubes, not shredded), completely thawed 1 12-oz. package […]

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