because grace is spelled with an exclamation point

Amazingly, you can pick out Gracie’s name even on a wall with every single kids in school’s name on it. There may be more than one Grace.

But there’s only one Grace!


what is the definition of dramatic?

Colin: “What does ‘dramatic’ mean?”

Ellie: deadpans “GRACE.”

Of course, the entire family was cracking up. Even Grace!

Its funny cause its TRUE.

MAN I adore that girl, but she is dramatic! If she’s happy, she is ecstatic. If she’s tired, she’s falling asleep standing up. If she’s awake, she is dancing around the house. Its hilarious.  She’s been like this since birth. What’s even more hilarious is that she totally realizes this about herself and she hams it up even more, often while laughing at herself.

And she’s only 8! I’m sure that I’ll look back in about 4 years and remember when she was only this dramatic!


growing pains

Sometimes it hurts to watch my kids grow up.

To watch them fail. To watch them learn lessons that need learning. To watch them have to take responsibility for a poor decision or forgetting homework or hurtful words or even a lost library book.

I know they need to learn about consequences and taking responsibility now when the stakes are low. I know that protecting and shielding them isn’t what is best for them. This is all part of growing up.

But it hurts. It hurts to watch them hurt. It especially hurts to show tough love when all I want to do is wrap them in my arms and make everything all better. Instead, I need to dry their tears, dust them off and throw them back out there in to the bad bad world.

Just have to pray for them and do all I can at home to get them ready for it.

Parenthood is getting tricky.

would you give a tween a cell phone?

The past few weeks, I have been hosting events in my community sponsored by At&T. It has sparked some interesting conversations. Mainly, “When should kids get a cell phone?” I don’t know about you, but my 9-year-old is already eyeing a cell phone. She thinks it would make a fabulous tenth birthday present. At first […]

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the child formerly known as ellie

This week, Ellie is at a new camp. Sorry, this week The Child Formerly Known as Ellie is at a new camp. Yes, Ellie is trying out a new name. Ellie’s name is actually Elizabeth. A week or two ago, she asked me if she could choose a new nickname. She feels that Ellie is […]

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mobile safety with at&t

As my kids get older, I’m noticing that more and more friends are getting cell phones at younger ages.   The average age a child is given their first phone is 12.1; the average age for a child’s first smartphone is 13.8, but in our neighborhood, I often see 10- and 11-year-olds with iPhones. Now, as […]

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Summer Plan

Within one day of summer vacation, I was tearing my hair out. (I’m not alone here, right?) I swear, my kids had completely forgotten how to entertain themselves at all. A whole school of constant structure/activities/learning/friends was awesome – but after less than 24 hours, my kids were at loose ends with no idea what […]

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i’m king of the world!

Colin won the game we were playing. Since he is all boy, he immediately started running around the living room in circles, pumping his fists in the air, yelling “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!! WOOOOOOO!!!! I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!” Then he stopped and looked at me. “Mom, I’m just joking. I’m not […]

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finding her place to shine

My little Gracie is following in her Mama’s footsteps. I loved dance when I was growing up – it was a huge part of my life. I danced all through college, teaching dance classes, serving as student director of the dance department all four years. So when my little girl wanted to take ballet, I […]

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left behind

For Ellie’s birthday, she got one of her dearest wishes. She is getting her own room. She has been sharing a room with Gracie since she was 3 and Ellie is ready for her own space. She’s been asking for months and for her birthday we decided it was time. Ellie is ecstatic, to say […]

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