Well. That explains how the dog got out.

Luckily we found him quickly. The neighbor caught him and called my cell.


He’s such a punk.




As we’ve been settling in to a new place, there have been remarkably few bumps in the road. The kids have adjusted beautifully. The house is great, we’re slowly making new friends and getting plugged into our new community.

But this weekend, we hit a wall.

We had several epic meltdowns about seemingly inconsequential things. We ended up talking a lot – about how this has been an incredibly stressful few months and that its ok to cry and have a little meltdown once in awhile.

I think now everything is doing well – but I’m sure its not the end of the bumps in the road.

I think we need to cut ourselves a little break and let ourselves recover a bit longer after this summer.


We’re full swing in activties here. Dance, music lessons, running, clubs, Sunday School… and I’m a soccer mom again.



The pup is doing well. We had a few rough days last week, but he is definitely making progress! We’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… although it probably has dog hair on it.


parenting exhaustion

Parenting has been so… hard lately.

I can’t even think of one thing in particular. (Well, I can think of SEVERAL THINGS IN PARTICULAR, but they are not fit for the blog. TRUST ME. They are that good. Or that bad. You know what I mean!) So its not just one particular child or one particular issue. Its just… everything.

Maybe its stress that is impacting all of us, right down to little Colin.  Maybe its the upheaval of moving and of an increased amount of traveling for both me and my husband at work. Maybe its just the end of the school year craziness.  Whatever it is, it seems like things just aren’t quite normal around here. The whining and such is at a high point. The house is a mess, everyone is tired and sniffily and coughing (Thanks, Allergy Season!), and our schedule is so packed it is getting hard to fit anything else in.

Whatever it is, it has been rough over here. I can feel my patience running thin by breakfast and I hate it. I don’t want to be a naggy, frustrated, shouting mom.

I want a lazy Saturday, lounging around in our PJs and watching a movie on impulse while gobbling cereal on the couch. I want to have time where we’re just at home – no one having to rush to a game or rehearsal or practice or work… just hanging around. I want to have a movie night with popcorn and snuggling. I want to go out and do something fun – not because its some kid in preschool’s birthday party, but just because we want to.

Maybe soon.


7 weeks

Seven weeks from today there will be movers here. Packing up our house and loading everything up to move us into storage. Seven weeks, you guys. SEVEN WEEKS. (breathes into a paper bag) I just want to cry. How are we going to get everything done that we need to do? Go the places we […]

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finding peace

I’m having a lot of anxiety lately. I’m a planner. Its the Type A in me. I even make spreadsheets for vacations. Multiple spreadsheets. Clothing spreadsheets, activity spreadsheets… everything printed out and organized in a folder. I’m super fun to travel with, really. (Its completely genetic, too. My mom and sis are the same way. […]

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more ways in which i am totally on the ball

I called the dentist yesterday to make an appointment before we moved. Luckily, they had an opening for the very next week.  Yay! I asked the receptionist, “Can you just check when I last came in? If its less than 6 months, my insurance won’t pay for it.” She checks… “Um, you were last here […]

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how colin is singlehandedly supporting the clothing industry

Colin’s brand new pants I just bought him last week: Me: “Colin, what did you do?” Colin: “What?” Me: “To your pants? How did you rip them?” Colin: “I was running!” Me: “Were you being chased by wolverines??? How did you rip them running?” Colin: [thinking] “I’m not sure!” Although, while I complain about him […]

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rememory impaired

Gracie left to go to school. I came back inside and went to make myself another coffee (cause that bus stop was cold!) and what is sitting on the table? Gracie’s lunch. Gracie’s homework. Gracie’s class folder. Gracie’s library books. Basically, everything. She want to school with an EMPTY backpack. I asked her, “Didn’t you […]

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well, they shut me up

“Kids! I told you to clean up! Why didn’t you? *insert rant* I mean, WHY is there a huge pile of toys over here on the floor?” “Mom, those are the toys we want to donate to kids who lost their houses in the storm.” “Oh.” silence. “Nevermind.” Way to go, Mom. Tweet

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she’s got me pegged

Overheard in IKEA: “Look, Mom! This kitchen is perfect for you! It already has WINE!” … as everyone within hearing cracks up laughing. Tweet

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