in which i love my boys…

Colin comes home from school every day to see someone waiting eagerly at the door.

He gives Winston a big hug, then typically takes a little time to wind down from the day with a book or his Kindle. And sneak in some cuddle time…

The cuteness. I can hardly take it.



in which we start school

Gone are the days of dropping kids off at preschool.

Gone are the days of putting them all on a bus. We’re at three schools this year.

Gone are the days of even getting pictures on the first day. Don’t even think of taking pictures of your kids getting on the MIDDLE school bus.

Where did the time go?

Bye, first grader!

in which we get in some family time

Oh, yes. We needed this.

My cup overflows…

One… Two… Three… JUMP!!!

Gracie was brave enough to tackle the ropes course on vacation – she was not even slightly scared of the ziplines!

Can I go back now? Pretty please???

in which its FINALLY summer

No more pencils, no more books….

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in which we go to our first revolution game

Our first #NERevs game! Great seats!!

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in which i adore my job

Know what’s awesome? I get to take time during the day to chaperone a kindergarten field trip with my little dude. Working from home is the best ever… #wahm

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summer is almost here…

Yes… Open for summer!

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camping fun in PA state parks

Good morning, world! #camping

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Boy and his pup.

Boy and his pup. #dogsofinstagram

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Love is letting your daughter bake cupcakes… without helping her.

Love is letting your daughter bake cupcakes… without helping her.

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