Girlymama is my personal blog.  This is where I write about the ins and outs of daily life as a mom, balancing work and family and discuss my opinions on very important topics. Like shoes.

I have a popular Fashion Friday series, and love to share new recipes I’ve discovered. We are discovering photography and love sharing our latest pictures.  We also love to travel as a family, and have posted chronicles of our trips all over the world. (We’re currently planning trips to Disney, Greece, Hawaii, Washington DC, New York and India in the next year or so!)

I am co-founder and editor of All Things Chic, a fashion and beauty site.  I also am owner and chief designer of  Eliza Grace Design, my graphic design business. I am an advisory board member for Philly Social Media Moms.

I accept button ads, text ads and occasionally a sponsored post. This is my personal blog and I desire to maintain authenticity in all areas. I only support products and services that I can wholeheartedly endorse. All sponsored content will be identified as such. If you are a small business owner or Etsy artist, I’m very affordable!

I do accept reviews and giveaways of products that I feel my readers will enjoy on a very selective basis. None of my policies are set in stone and I’m more than willing to work with companies and causes I support. Please see my Disclosures page for more information.

I love to represent brands I believe in!  I’m one of those people who is always sharing new products I’ve discovered with friends (and strangers).  I will come right up to someone in Target who is looking indecisive and tell them exactly which floor cleaner I use and why its the best. I am currently looking for sponsorship for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, Type A Mom and BlogHer ’11.  Please contact me for more details on what a sponsorship entails and how I can promote your brand at these very popular women’s blogging conferences.

If you are hosting a mom blogger event, I am available for attendance and consulting.  I’ve been a daily participant in the mommy-blogging community for over four years and I have pre-mommy work experience in PR/Marketing, graphic design, fundraising and event planning  as well as being a former preschool teacher. I’ve also done social media consulting for several companies trying to break into the social media scene. If you feel my experience and knowledge would be valuable to your event, feel free to contact me.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  I’m always happy to answer questions at at

Thank you for visiting my blog!