EA Events Social Suite at Blogger Bash

Last week, I spent two lovely days at Blogger Bash. I heard inspiring bloggers making the world a better place at the Bloganthropy Awards, tried out the hottest toys of the year at Sweet Suite, got spoiled left and right by this incredible event and spent time with some really remarkable women.

One of the highlights for me was the EA Events Social Suite! It was pampering heaven! CoverGirl provided mini-manicures and makeup touch-ups as well as Colorlicious lip gloss for everyone!! Colorlicious Lip Gloss comes in a stunning array of colors, and gives you shine without stickiness.  Lips feel soft and silky and weightless.


AutoTex Pink shared how we can all “Wipe Out Breast Cancer.” A donation is made from each purchase of AutoTex Pink wiper blades to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Then, we learned about a quick, easy and environmentally responsible way to wash your vehicle: Washdrops is an award-winning green car wash solution. Use only one bucket, no hose, no rinse!  Washdrops is ideal for school and non-profit fundraisers too!



The Joseph Nogucci table was wildly popular! Especially their newest jewelry collection! Miii bracelets are crafted from semiprecious stone beads and gleaming rhodium-plated magnets  designed to bring all of your bracelets together in a perfect arm stack.  I’m a big fan of Joseph Nogucci and was thrilled to see all of their items at once in person!

joseph nogucci table


All EAEvents have at least one charity partner and this one was no different. Alex’s Lemonade Stand was there encouraging us to #Stir4aCure:


We even got to wish Smokey Bear a happy 70th Birthday!


It was a great event – not to mention attendees like Wubble Ball, JetSet Dress and more!


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