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For the last few days, we’ve been outside as much as humanly possible. Its incredible what a dose of fresh air and sunshine can do for the soul. We’ve been biking, running, playing soccer and basketball, drawing with chalk, taking walks, exploring… and generally just enjoying this burst of spring.
Along with the spring air, I’ve been gripped with a bout of spring cleaning. I decided to (finally) organize the basement. When we moved in last August, it was SO HOT that I just couldn’t organize down there. So we just kind-of closed the door and left it all. Now I’m trying to go through and make sense of everything. The questions that keep popping in my head:
Why did we move this?
Why do we even OWN this?
What is this?
Where did this even come from?
I’m about half way done. I’ve collected about 15 bags of trash/donate and I can’t lose steam now, as we have a truck from Big Brothers Big Sisters coming on Monday to collect our boxes of outgrown clothes, toys, games, books and who knows what else!!

Overwhelmed. Life has gotten extra… something. I’ve feeling like I’m in over my head in a lot of areas – especially parenting. I truly thought that after potty training, nothing could be worse. But I was not prepared for the tween growing pains, getting three children to get along, the sheer volume of nagging involved in getting three little people to get schoolwork done, practice instruments and get out the door on time.

About being apart. We have many wonderful friends here in Rhode Island, but the fact remains that all of our oldest and dearest (and most related) friends are far, far away. We have Skype and texting and chatting and Facebook and phone calls, but I am still craving actual face time. It breaks my heart to see someone struggling and not be able to go visit or help because I’m too far away. I’ve been trying to plan out ways we can see everyone as soon as possible.

We went out for Indian food on Sunday and have been eating leftovers for lunch every day. Is there anything better? It was the first time in months we went to an Indian Restaurant. I miss the $8.95 All-You-Can-Eat buffets in West Philly!

My new favorite wine. Our friends here honeymooned in Portugal and love Portuguese wines. They have me hooked!

Crazy Love. Only on Chapter 2 and I can already feel this one is a game changer.

I just finished watching Chuck on Netflix. LOVED IT. I was sad when it was over. I need a new show. Any suggestions?

My husband. He got me a ticket to fly out to spend a weekend with my sisters and attend my nephew’s first birthday. Just the therapy my heart needs!

My new boots. They’re even better than I imagined…

What’s up with you?

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    Mandy S says:

    It’s not in the same genre as Chuck, but I was hooked on Call the Midwife until I had watched the full two seasons that are on Netflix. Now I have to wait until season 3 comes out and starts being added to Netflix… 🙂

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      Melissa says:

      I’ve heard Call the Midwife is wonderful! I’ll have to watch that – my friend is convincing me to watch Dr Who….