Easy Hosting: Gourmet Burger Bar

Baby, its cold outside! We were going to have an outdoor party the other week, but BURR!! It gets COLD up here in New England, y’all!! So instead, we enjoyed a tailgating feast in the warm cozyness of the Great Indoors. It was awesome. And warm.

We decided to do a gourmet burger bar! It was easy and fun for everyone. We served the burgers (and hot dogs and brats) with a huge green salad and some chips. Easy-peazy!

gourmet burger bar
good burgers (we love the ‘pub burgers’ sold at our local grocery store, but this is a great recipe to make your own)
cheese (provolone, cheddar or blue cheese)
carmelized onions
mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and a splash of wine
thick cut bacon (thick cut is worth it. oh, yes.)
good hamburger buns, toasted
whatever else floats your boat

I cooked up the onions, mushrooms and bacon earlier that day and just reheated while my husband grilled the burgers. It was a great entertaining plan with very little work during the party.

Remember, for tailgating and homegating: keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Don’t let food sit at room temperature for more than two hours so have replacements ready at half time. For more info on safe entertaining, check out FoodSafety.gov.

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