lundby: every girl’s dream house

We have way too many toys. Moving really drove that home for us. Even after our yard sale and taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, somehow we still have too many.

I’m on a mission – no more junky plastic things that break moments after they are out of the box. Nothing with batteries and makes loud, unnecessary noise. We have enough of that on ur won, thanks.

I’m ready to invest in a few nice toys that my kids will play with for years, are well-built, last forever, and have the ability to hold their attention.

So, we’re thrilled to be working with Lundby.


Lundby doll houses are typical examples of modern dream homes – in miniature format: 1:18 scale. All of their houses are based on the same fundamental belief – that the urge to play lies in the details. And this conviction obviously applies to the interior design, fixtures and furniture too. They were the first in the world to install electric lighting in their doll’s houses. And when you look at their products, you see painstaking attention to detail and design. No detail is too small to be overlooked.


Lundby is The story of Lundby doll’s house begins in 1945, when Axel and Grete Thomsen moved back to Sweden from Denmark. They settled down in a small neighborhood named Lundby in the northern part of Gothenburg. Grete started designing and building a doll’s house and furniture for her niece. It was so popular with her niece’s friends that they decided to go into business… and the rest is history.

Gracie and I are so excited to be working with Lundby and to get to create our own dream house. Its so chic and sleek, that I can have it on display in your living room and it will fit right in. No hiding this toy in the playroom for us! We have been pouring over the Lundby catalog, planning out how we want to decorate. There are endless furniture options – and even some DIY opportunities! You can print up your own pre-sized wallpaper from the Lundby website – free of charge.

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We are going to have so much fun with this. We can’t wait!

disclosure: we will be partnering with lundby to highlight their products with our audience, so we will be receiving products to facilitate posts. as always, all opinions are my own. 

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