stuck in the middle

One minute she’s asking to buy a book that – upon my skimming – includes kids talking about being gay and bi and whathaveyou. (Let’s just call it “mature content” not suitable for a 10-year-old.) And she’s upset and confused when I say no.

The next minutes she’s asking to buy a stuffed animal with her birthday money.

This in-between stage is rough.

She’s so big, but not quite. She wants to be a teenager, but not quite. She still wants to play with toys, but I think she feels a little silly sometimes. Like she’s too big to be having fun. Its so hard to predict how she will react to things or what she is thinking.

While I am loving seeing her grow up and seeing her change into a young woman, its so painful sometimes. Like when you see that adolescent awkwardness starting to peek through the little girl exterior. Like when she wants to talk to me about something she heard or saw at school that confuses her. Like when she wants me to help her do her hair so she looks pretty. Like when she wants to confess who she has a crush on. I love that she will share with me (and yes, I know that won’t last forever!) but it also breaks my heart a little.

I want her to hang on to her childhood as long as she can. To keep playing. To keep begging me for stuffed animals. To keep from growing up too quickly.

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