finding peace

I’m having a lot of anxiety lately.

I’m a planner. Its the Type A in me. I even make spreadsheets for vacations. Multiple spreadsheets. Clothing spreadsheets, activity spreadsheets… everything printed out and organized in a folder. I’m super fun to travel with, really. (Its completely genetic, too. My mom and sis are the same way. You should see it when we go on vacation together. EPIC.)

So the fact that we have a moving van booked for a day in June, yet NO IDEA where that moving van will be going to is really getting to me.

I’m trying my best to believe what we keep telling our kids.

That this move is a great adventure. That everything will work out. That there is a home for us. That God is taking care of us.

But some days, its hard to believe the words coming out of my mouth.

Especially when we call to make a bid on a house and find out it sold hours before. Especially when we find a house that fits exactly what is on our ‘Dream House” list and have to watch it slipping out of our grasp. Especially when I have to tell the moving company, “Actually, we don’t know where you’ll be moving us to.” Especially when my daughters are disappointed about a house and ask questions like “Why wouldn’t they want to sell us their house? We would love it and take care of it!” and we have to explain that its about money, not who wants it most. That one is a hard lesson to learn, even as an adult.

I’m just praying for peace. For a house that we can love, where we can raise our family, where we can be part of a community and share with people around us. Praying that I can believe the things I’m telling the kids.

Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.

Psalm 27:14

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    *hugs* going to totally miss you here! And I don’t blame you at all for the stress. You are making a HUGE life change! Hang in there. We moved a TON growing up. Over a dozen times. Now sucks. No doubt about it but this time next year, you’ll be relaxed in your new house and happy and settled!

  2. 2

    Uggghhhh I hate the unknown. And I remember the stress of the house hunt…. and I wasn’t even crossing state lines!! Everything will work out, but I know that doesn’t make the process any easier. Hang in there, babe!!!! xoxo

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    I needed to read this today. While you are farther ahead in the “selling/buying/moving” process, I am at the beginning and it has been heartbreaking thus far. I feel overwhelmed by the anxiety – the UNKNOWN: Will the house sell? Will we be spending our summer here or in some place new all together? Where will Lucy start Kindergarten. It’s so hard to SIT. PATIENTLY. And not lose hope that there is an ending – most likely a happy one.

    But knowing I’m not alone – that others deal with this – and that it will all work out – it is good to hear. It’s what I needed to hear today 🙂 Great verse. <3