well, hello there, march!

March? I swear that yesterday it was December.

We spent most of the weekend out of the house…. because we had 10 showings!! Woo-Hoo! That was super encouraging, as we were worried we would list the house and hear crickets chirping. That would have sucked. Meanwhile, we’re spending time around the town. Both because we can’t go home because of showings and because the house stays quite a bit cleaner when we are not in it. We’ve been hitting up the library and gym and coffee shop and barber shop and all those things we’ve been too busy for lately. After being SO focused on the house for several weeks, its actually really nice to get out of it for a bit and get some fresh air!

Our poor kitty cats are totally traumatized by having the house on the market. Not only are they seeing a lot more of their archenemy – the vacuum cleaner – but so many strangers trompsing though the house seems to be freaking them out a bit. When we get home, they’re either hiding under a bed or following us around like a shadow. Poor things!  I bet they are so confused! Wait until we actually move – they’re going to FREAK!



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