more ways in which i am totally on the ball

I called the dentist yesterday to make an appointment before we moved. Luckily, they had an opening for the very next week.  Yay!

I asked the receptionist, “Can you just check when I last came in? If its less than 6 months, my insurance won’t pay for it.”
She checks… “Um, you were last here in August 2011. So you’re good.”

WHOOPS! How did I forget to do to the dentist for like 2 years?  I really, really honestly thought I went last summer! Guess not. Maybe I should call my doctor. Wonder when I’ve been there last…


The other day, I was so on the ball. I got up and decided I was going to put dinner in the crock pot. (Don’t you LURV the crockpot? Come home and dinner is done!) With this recipe, you have to brown the meat and veggies before you cook them. So I threw the meat in the microwave to defrost while I helped the kids pack up their backpacks and get on the bus. (I was just SO on the ball! Look at me multitasking and everything!)

I had SUCH a busy day – meetings, lessons, work, craziness…

Around 1pm I suddenly realized something.

Have you figured it out yet?

Yup. The meat was still sitting in the microwave.

Well done, Mel. Well done.


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