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I love the Box Tops for Education program and I’ve seen first hand how effective it is as a school fund-raiser.  You may not know this but the General Mills program began as an experiment on boxes of Cheerios in California back in 1996 with first year earnings of only $1 million. Since that experiment  Box Tops for Education has grown to include more than 240 participating brands providing needed cash for 90,000 enrolled K-8 schools. At the heart of the program is more than 75,000 volunteer Box Tops for Education coordinators who motivate local school communities to collect the 10-cent coupons which are redeemed for cash schools use for whatever they need most. Over the years, American schools have earned over $525 MILLION from Box Tops for Education.

To celebrate this milestone, this winter, the program is offering a variety of bonus Box Tops on more than 50 million packages at grocery stores and at, allowing shoppers to DOUBLE their earnings with select products. With school budget cuts across the nation,  Box Tops for Education is now more and more important as it provides unrestricted cash to help schools with their basic operating needs and programs that would not be possible otherwise. Programs and supplies such as field trips, textbooks, musical instruments, playground equipment, classroom technology and arts and cultural programming.

“We are very impressed at how far the Box Tops program has come,” said Mark Addicks, chief marketing officer at General Mills. “To say that we’ve awarded schools more than $525 million through this simple program is amazing to us. However, it’s due largely to our participating brand partners and passionate coordinators that have propelled the program to this level.” On average, schools in the U.S. earn around $900 annually through the program, but many schools earn more than $20,000 by clipping Box Tops, participating in bonus programs and shopping 300 online eBoxTops retailers at the Box Tops Marketplace.

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One lucky reader will win a Box Tops for Education Pantry Stock Up Prize Pack! 

pantry giveaway

The Pantry Stock Up gift pack includes:

  • New Peanut Butter Toast Crunch cereal
  • Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Dark Chocolate Cherry and Protein Salted Caramel
  • Fiber One Protein Bars
  • Progresso Recipe Starters
  • Food Should Taste Good Chips
  • Green Giant Fresh Box Tops for Education pencil pouch
  • Hamburger Helper Sweet & Sour Chicken and Parmesan Crusted Chicken
  • Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese and Au Gratin potatoes
  • Kleenex wallet pack and 184 count box
  • Scott toilet paper (4 roll) and paper towel roll
  • Avery dry erase weekly calendar
  • Ziploc bowls and bags
  • Yoplait Frozen Yogurt free product coupon

Here’s how to enter:

1. Please leave a comment below by February 22, 2013 telling me whose school you collect Boxtops for!

2. Like Girlymama on Facebook here and leave a comment telling me you liked our page

3. Tweet the following for an additional entry and leave a comment telling me you did so

I want to win Boxtops Pantry Stockup Prize #giveaway from @MelissaAngert. Enter here:

disclosure: I was provided with a stockup kit for my family to enjoy. Highly recommend the Fiber One bars. They’re yummy.


About Box Tops for Education

America’s schools have earned more than $525 million through the Box Tops for Education® program since the program started in 1996, including $47 million just since March 2012. More than  90,000 schools use that cash to purchase items such as computers, library books, art supplies and playground equipment. Schools can earn up to $20,000 by clipping Box Tops
coupons from 240 products and can earn eBoxTops by shopping online through the Box Tops Marketplace. To learn more and for a list of participating products, visit

About Melissa

Melissa is founder of Girlymama and co-founder of the mom fashion blog, All Things Chic. You can also find her designing blogs at Eliza Grace Design and on Twitter as Melissa Angert.


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