gifting for the holidays

I never know what to gift people for the holidays. I mean, how do you tip the garbage and recycle guys? Wouldn’t they just throw it in the truck when they grab it at 4am in the dark? And the mail carriers – we have like three mail carriers that rotate… People like music and ballet teachers are usually getting some sort of homemade goodie. But what about my sitter? The UrbanSitter 2012 Holiday Gifting Survey Infographic has a great summary:

What To Get Babysitters for Christmas:
3 out of 4 parents surveyed give their babysitter gifts or a year end bonus for Christmas.
– Of the parents who give cash, 17% give less than $25, 39% give $25-75, and 44% give over $75.
– If you live in San Francisco, be prepared to give a bit more, as the average parent gives over $75 to the babysitter for Christmas.
New Yorkers are likely to give the babysitter a year end bonus of over $100!


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