Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2012

I attended the very very first Disney Social Media Moms Celebration two years ago and it was an amazing, spectacular time. My kids all still talk about it! We weren’t able to go last year, since my brother got married that weekend. SO I was thrilled to be able to return this year – this time on my own with the three of my favorite blogging buddies — Jo-Lynne, Sarah, and Debbie.

We had a ridiculous amount of fun, even with traveling hijinks. (But, seriously, if you ever see the four of us on your plane or bus, just get off. Just leave. You’ll thank us later when you get there faster by walking. ) But we made it to our hotel, the lovely Yacht Club, and our bags arrived in the nick of time before we headed down to dinner.

The first night, we were treated to a Pirate Party on the beach at the Beach Club, located next door to the Yacht Club. Families were welcome, and there was music and games, super yummy food and drink, and a great group of bloggers to chat with. It was a great party, although I missed my pirate-obsessed Colin very very much.  I talked to Jake, and he waved ‘hi’ to Colin for me!

After the party, we all ran to Epcot before it closed and just made it onto Soarin’ with our media Fast Passes. I’ve never been on Soarin’, but since it was Jo-Lynne’s very very very favorite ride, we had to go. It was amazing. So so cool! Then, just as we came out of the ride, the fireworks started!! GORGEOUS!! Check out the picture Jo-Lynne got:

by @JoLynneS

Somehow, despite my standing right next to her and having the exact same phone, she got great pictures and mine are all blurry. Humph.

Anyway, the next day was the conference sessions, which were totally incredible, as usual. Disney Social Media Moms is always the most inspiring conference of the year for me. With speakers like Peter ShankmanAmy Jo Martin, Chris Brogan and Maryellen Hooper, how could it not be? But that’s a whole ‘nother post.  I mean, just look at the centerpieces. Talk about a company that totally gets bloggers!!

After the conference, we spent some time lounging by the hotel pool (something I have never, ever done at Disney. I’m always too busy with the kids in the parks!

Then – the highlight of the night – after dinner, we headed over to Magic Kingdom and caught the Main Street Electrical Parade. Which I have not seen since I was about 12. Jo-Lynne and I were practically squealing in delight.  I LOVE that parade. We typically travel to Disney off season – which is good for avoiding crowds – but we miss things like the electrical parade! It was even better than I remembered!

But Saturday. Saturday was my favorite. On Saturday, I went onthe Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom. It was incredible. Its a privately guided small group tour that takes you on a VIP safari through the “African savannah”. You see the animals up close, talk to the animal caretakers, you cross a high rope bridge suspended above a riverbed fulled with hippos and crocodiles, get a private safari ride in your own truck (one that stops so you can take pictures, unlike the Kilamanjaro Safari) and then you get to experience an African-inspired lunch in a safari camp. Its about three hours – it went by so quickly, but at the same time I felt like we were gone to another world for awhile! So cool. TONS of pictures and videos to come! Best of all, I got to spend it with two of my very favorite people on the planet.

Then after the trek, I got to run over to Epcot (LOVE staying walking distance from resorts!!!) and met up with some friends who were down visiting. I even got to ride Nemo with my little buddies Xander and Elle… which made me miss my kiddos even more! I miss those kid squeals and excitement at seeing all the Disney magic. Later that night, we went over to the brand new Art of Animation Resort – its amazing.

Sunday was a crazy day of travel, but I made it home just before my kiddos went to bed. I was able to cuddle the heck out of them and had to promise, promise, pinky promise that they could come with me next time.

Now that’s a promise I can keep!

Disclaimer: We paid a fee to attend this conference, but as attendees, we received complimentary items, special discounts, and other exciting benefits such as food and entertainment, so we could experience the magic of Walt Disney World Resort.

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