the perils of fashion blogging

My husband came in as I was writing a post for All Things Chic {we’re giving away a gorgeous hand-dyed silk pashmina scarf! Go enter!!}

And he’s like, “What are you putting a picture of your boob on the internet?”

And I’m like, “Its not of my boob! Its of my scarf!”

And he’s like, “If you say so!”

That is TOTALLY a picture of my scarf.

About Melissa

Melissa is founder of Girlymama and co-founder of the mom fashion blog, All Things Chic. You can also find her designing blogs at Eliza Grace Design and on Twitter as Melissa Angert.


  1. 1
    Amber says:

    Husbands are silly lol Mine would’ve probably said the same thing

  2. 2
    Emily E says:

    yeah, that’s totally a picture of your boobs. 😉 It’s like you’re sexting us. lol!

  3. 3

    ROTFL. Hysterical. I see the scarf first but I can see where a guy would see boobs. It’s like one of those mystery pictures in the mall – do you see a woman’s face or a horse? What can you see in this picture, a scarf or a pair of boobs? LOL!

  4. 4
    Mimzy Wimzy says:

    I did notice the scarf first, however, since your Husband mentioned it… You do have nice boobs! 😉