my week in instagram

my ellie had her third grade concert.

then gracie had her writer’s celebration! she wrote a book about ballet – so so adorable.

then my husband came home after traveling a ton.
poor colin.
he’s getting kicked out of bed.

then it was spring break! woot!
we headed to…

we took colin bowling for his party.
he had a blast!!

and guess what he got for his birthday??

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    dumb mom says:

    Fun! I’m picking up The Dudes tomorrow after their 3 day visit with Mimi & Papa. I’ve gotten SO much done while they’ve been gone but I have to admit, I kinda miss the little munchkins!

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    MMitchell490 says:

    Your week sounds as busy and exciting as mine. I found out that the local New Balance stores are having a contest on their Facebook page: New Balance Philadelphia & South Jersey. You could win $100, $200 or a year’s worth of sneakers for the whole family! From one mom to another, thought you might be interested