finding her place to shine

My little Gracie is following in her Mama’s footsteps.

I loved dance when I was growing up – it was a huge part of my life. I danced all through college, teaching dance classes, serving as student director of the dance department all four years. So when my little girl wanted to take ballet, I was naturally thrilled. She needed an activity that could help her coordination. Soccer did not go well and early on I could see that the poor thing inherited my Klutz Gene which tends to result in tripping over air and running into walls. Dance could only help, right?

Grace seemed to pick it up overnight – within two years, she is taking ballet, tap and jazz, she’s been asked to do special performances, and her teacher is always raving about what an amazing job she is doing.

But, beyond that – dance is giving her a gift. Grace is naturally very shy outside of our home. She barely said three words all thourgh kindergarten, and even now struggles to speak up in school. She rarely will talk to adults without us giving her “the look.”

But – put this girl on stage…. its amazing.
She transforms. Instantly.
She is bursting with confidence. Not a lick of stage fright. I asked her if she was nervous to preform before a packed auditorium and she answered, “Why?” Grace is front row, center, with a huge smile on her face, having the time of her life, soaking up the attention.

When I watch her in class, with a huge smile on her face, I get choked up. To see her excelling at something, to have found her “thing” that she loves and she is good at, is priceless. To see her loving something so much that I loved so much is amazing.

As the middle child, Grace often says she feels like she gets overlooked. But dance is hers. Dance is where she shines. The confidence she gets here is bringing her out of her shell. She had a line in the Thanksgiving play. Just recently, she spoke by herself in front of the whole church. She was the only kid in her class who was willing to stand up with the microphone and speak! Talk about progress!

Its amazing how confidence in one area can spill over into the rest of a child’s life. Encourage your kids – help them find where they shine and support them. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes!


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    That’s Fantastic! So glad to hear your daughter takes to the stage ~ It’s not many kids that have that ability, it’s possible she could transcend that talent to public speaking as she gets older and expand her job possibilities.

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    Cecelia says:

    I love this! I went to the book fair yesterday, and it totally made me smile that G picked out a book about ballet. She was so excited to buy it. Precious!