left behind

For Ellie’s birthday, she got one of her dearest wishes.

She is getting her own room.

She has been sharing a room with Gracie since she was 3 and Ellie is ready for her own space. She’s been asking for months and for her birthday we decided it was time. Ellie is ecstatic, to say the least. The phrase “Best Birthday Present EVER”  has been thrown around. She has big plans for her room – apparently she has been thinking about this for awhile now!

She is so so excited. The night of her birthday, she slept in her ‘new’ room in a sleeping bag, even before her bed got there. She gave me a big hug that night, and settled into sleeping in her new room.

Then I came in to say goodnight to Grace.

She was sobbing.

She was devastated. “I don’t want Ellie to leave!” she cried. “I love sharing a room with her. I’ve always shared a room with her. I don’t want to live by myself.”

I felt so bad. I was so excited to let Ellie have her own space – which she really, really needs – that I never considered that Grace wouldn’t be happy. I thought she would be thrilled to have her own space too. Its not like she never is the one who is whining about her sister being annoying/messy/in her space… But she really feels left behind and abandoned – and that her big sister is leaving her behind, moving on without her.

But I really think this will help their relationship. Living together seems to be causing more issues than its helping lately, and as they enter these tween years, being together 24-7 will probably make things harder.

Having their own space, their own place where they can be alone and have time to themselves will be good. I think they need space to be better friends.

But its hard to be left behind.


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    steph a says:

    There is something so sweet and vulnerable and complicated about this post. The idea of growing up, learning and getting wings – flying to her own new room. And the simultaneous idea of being left behind, not growing fast enough, and that relationships are just complicated. I hope to have my girls share a room sometime in the next year – and it will be interesting to see where it will take them – what they will learn about themselves, about life and about one another . <3

    • 1.1
      melissa says:

      Whats so funny is that I remember being SO excited to move out when I was sharing a room with my sis. And she probably felt just like Grace. I think that because I was the oldest, I’m so much more in tune with Ellie….

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    Juice says:

    This is a bittersweet post. How is Gracie adjusting?