charlotte’s web at the arden theater

This weekend, we attended opening night of the newest children’s play at The Arden Theater, Charlotte’s Web. We were so, so excited – we read Charlotte’s Web earlier this year. Naturally, Charlotte’s Web is such a classic story, we knew it would be amazing. Every show we’ve seen at the Arden has been wonderful!

Join us for the heart-warming story of a special friendship between a lovable pig and everyone’s favorite spider. Wilbur, Charlotte and their barnyard friends have never been more delightful than in this wonderful tribute to one of the greatest stories for children ever written.

We arrived for opening night and were greeted by a county fair, complete with an actual live pig!! We enjoyed a super kid friendly dinner, from Catering by Design, then we went around to earn stickers to win a blue ribbon at the Arden County Fair!

getting their hands painted

Grace made her own web word to hang up. She said she was "AWESOME!"

After completing all their stations, the girls won their blue ribbons!

fern and wilber

We headed into the theater and the kids were bouncing in their seats with excitement. The show started and the kids were enthralled, of course. Me, I was fascinated by how such a small cast played so many different characters. They would put on a hat and go from being a person to a goose, or put on a coat and suddenly be a rat. Amazing. It was such a simple set and used so few props and costumes – but the kids were totally into it and following every word of the play. When Charlotte was lowering slowly from the ceiling, they were gasping aloud. And when [spolier alert] Charlotte died, all three kids were in tears. And I may have been as well. *ahem* This show does require imagination, since the actors are people, not animals, and the story is a little sad, so its recommended this for ages 5 and up.

After the show, we enjoyed tasty ice cream from Franklin Fountain and got to meet the actors. The girls made a beeline for Charlotte, beautifully played by Sarah Gliko:

On the drive home, the kids were talking and our friend we brought along said, “That was amazing! I just love going to see plays! I’m going to see lots more plays!! ” And that is why you take kids to the theater. We’re teaching them to love this art form, to appreciate theater and become a life-long patron of the arts.  That’s why I am so thankful for  programs like the Arden – and for programs like Arden for All that brings theater to children who might not otherwise get the opportunity. If you can, try to take your kids to the theater. For under $100, a family of four can see a show at the Arden and with the Target 2-for-1 Program, you can buy one ticket, get one free for select performances! And the memories will last so much longer than you can even imagine.

Charlotte’s Web is playing at the Arden Theater until January 29, 2012. Up next at the Arden? Robin Hood!

disclosure: we received tickets to this show from the arden theatre. i was not compensated for this post. as always, all opinions are my own.

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    Jo-Lynne says:

    It really was amazing how the characters played multiple parts! I was impressed.