bake sale!

This weekend, my kids hosted a bake sale at church to raise money to buy farm animals for families in need. I was so proud of them – they decided they wanted to do this a month or two ago and mobilized their friends to help.
On the menu?
Cookie and Cream Cupcakes
Carrot Cupcakes
Red Velvet cupcakes
Christmas Cupcakes
Apple Bread
Banana Bread
Hot Chocolate Stirrers
Whoopie Pies
Chocolate Covered Oreos

and more!!

Every year at Christmas, our family all gives a portion of our Christmas money to buy a farm animal for a family in need. It is so simple, but I cannot even describe how this has affected my kids. We watched the videos of how a single goat can save a family from poverty in Africa. I remember them saying, “What a cool play house!” And I had to explain that the tiny house with the dirt floor was that family’s home. They were truly amazed and humbled that they could make such a difference in a family’s life with so little. And they were instantly excited to help. They gave so generously last year – they were able to buy a goat!

This year, when the catalog arrived, they were looking through deciding what their goal was – maybe a sheep or some ducks? Then they came up with an idea. If we got more people to give, we could buy even more! We should get our friends involved! Long story short, our girls mobilized their friends to plan this huge sale – and they made double their goal and were able to buy a sheep and a goat. I can not even tell you how proud I am of them! Not only are they excited about giving, but they are mobilizing their friends to do the same.

Best Christmas gift EVER!


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    Emil says:

    What a blessling your chidren are! You and your husband are certainly raising your children right! These are life lessons that they will never forget and will pass on their servant’s heart to their chidlren! Merry Christmas to your family!