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fashion friday: blow that christmas money!

Happy Fashion Friday! Hope everyone had a wonderful week – I really enjoyed unplugging a bit this week and spending my time alternating between spending quality time with the kids and sleeping off this monster cold. There’s been some great sales this week and I’ve been trying to decide the eternal after-Christmas question… What should I buy with my Christmas money?

My first thought – as usual – is boots. (I’m sure you’re shocked.) I’ve been wanting a pair of Cognac boots…. These are pretty amazing, I think.

Okay. I know I just said I wanted cognac boots, but these are totally awesome.

I love, love love this top from Anthropologie!! Isn’t that amazing??

Or maybe I should just get the sweater I’ve been drooling over in Free People for about 2 months…

Decisions, decisions… What are you spending your Christmas money on?

I also linked up with the lovely ladies over at Monday Mingle!

lessons learned

This week has given me a new appreciation of just how much energy my kids have.

Seriously, WHAT am I going to do this summer? Having all three kids home all day was a little intense.  Granted, I’ve been sick and my in-laws are living here, which always ramps up the chaos a bit, but OH MY GOODNESS, its been nuts. I’ve learned a few important lessons.

1. The Easy Bake Oven, despite having the name “Easy” in its name, was not as easy as one might guess. It claims to be for ages 8 and up, but it took my mother-in-law and I a good 12 hours to figure out how to get it to actually bake things. Everything kept coming out raw and we couldn’t figure out why. We have it now, but we were very confused for awhile. And of course, the kids LOVE it. I’m so glad I buy organic so that they can chow down on Easy Bake Oven treats. *gag*

2. You’d think they would be busy with their new toys instead of driving me nuts. Humph.

3. Our cats are going to be seriously depressed when we put the Christmas tree away. It has been their chief source of entertainment for the last month. I suspect we’ll be finding Christmas ornaments in random places for the next six months, based on the number of empty hooks hanging on the tree now. Its super festive. Notice how there are almost no ornaments on the bottom third of the tree…

4. Always ask for the next size up in clothes. I requested size 3T for Colin for Christmas. And that little stinker outgrew of all of his clothes the week before Christmas, so now I have to go exchange everything he got for size 4T.

5. Last night we went out on a date. (Gotta love free babysitting!!) We haven’t been on a date in forever – we must do this more.

6. Cats hate dogs. Nick’s brother brought their dog over on Christmas day and our cats fuh-REAKED out. It was a little hilarious. I don’t think they’ve ever even seen dogs before, but they were not amused. They spent most of the day hiding under our bed. The few times they saw the dog they tried to be scary, but ended up running away.  They were a little stressed out the next day.


dying from cuteness


this week we will

sleep in. spend a whole day in our jammies. read books. for fun. around the fire. not go online unless its for fun. clean out my closet. (yes, i know i just did that, but it was a catch all for christmas stuff, so its totally out of control again.) go into the city and […]

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merry christmas, all!


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fashion friday: celebrate

Happy Christmas, everyone!   1. How awesome are these shoes? And they are HALF OFF! 2. Jo-Lynne has this sweater and I love it. And now its on sale!! 3. This is one of my favorite dresses – I wore it to the Smurf’s Premiere. Its so comfy and flattering. And its on SUPER sale […]

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my little caretaker

I woke up on Monday sick (lovely timing, as usual) and since Colin is out of preschool now, he’s been my little helper. He has been getting me tissues, tucking me in under a blanket and generally being cute. “Poor Mama. Why don’t you go lay down on the couch and watch Cars 2? You […]

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fashion friday: sole society

Love shoes? Of course you do! Who doesn’t love shoes? (Well, my three year old, but whatever.) Anyway, I will so be joining Sole Society. I went up to NYC yesterday to attend an event with Sole Society and fell in LURV with a capital L with these shoes! I’ve never joined a shoe club […]

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sole society soiree in nyc

On Wednesday, Jo-Lynne and I headed up to NYC with our friend, Cecily, to go to a blogging event hosted by Barbara Jones and Catherine Connors for Sole Society. Jo-Lynne and I said when the invite came, “Shoes? Did you say SHOES?! Of course we’ll come!” We met up and took the hottest train ever […]

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this is what happens when you let a three year old butter his own bread


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