fashion friday: for my non-girly girl

Now you know how my Gracie is super-dooper girly, loved ruffles and dresses and wears flowers in her hair almost every day, right?

I have no idea where she got this from.

Now my oldest, Ellie, is a different story. Wearing a dress is cruel and unusual punishment. Tights are torture. And the last time I bought her something with ruffles, the look she gave me made me shudder at the thought of her being a teenager. You could almost hear her eyes rolling. I swear. Now she will wear pink, but that’s about a girly as it gets.

(disclaimer: She read this before I posted it and said, “MOM! I DO have a shirt with ruffles.” And she does. Have one single shirt with a teensy-tiny ruffle on it. I stand corrected.)

So I have a really hard time finding clothes for her. Grace is easy. If I love it, she’ll love it. If its a dress, she’ll love it. If it has ruffles, she’ll really love it. But Ellie…. I’ve returned more clothes that I’ve bought for that girl… Even stuff that I think isn’t that girly, she’ll reject.

Luckily, I’ve found a few stores that I can almost always find things for her. There are several kids clothing stores that I refuse to shop at. I firmly believe that 8-year-old girls should look like 8-year-old girls, not tiny pop stars or reality show contestants. No inappropriate slogans on tshirts, no super revealing outfits and nothing written across their bottoms, thankyouverymuch.

77kids is American Eagle for kids and one of our favorite stores. I’ve found a ton here for her – that casual surfer girl style is perfect for a kids like her. And my favorite – their slogan is “Good for 77 washes” – their stuff not only lasts, but gets softer with age.

I love this flowy bright stripe pocket tank. The flowy-ness makes it a little feminine and modest, but its still ‘cool’ enough for her.

Ellie loves graphic tees and is obsessed with peace signs, so this graphic t is perfect! This is her new favorite shirt. I love how long it is!

Oh, she’ll love these rip stitch denim shorts.

Crazy 8 is another store I usually do well at for her. Crazy 8 is owned by Gymboree, so you know its good stuff. And when you hit the sales, its crazy cheap. (Even when you don’t hit the sales they have good prices!) The outfits we fight the most about are outfits appropriate for church. I don’t think they need to get decked out, but nice clothes are a must (like jeans without holes). But Crazy 8 is saving my sanity with these cute outfits!

Fullscreen capture 552011 121246 PM
This would be perfect for church. Dressed up enough to make Mom happy, but casual enough that Ellie won’t be uncomfortable. Gingham tunic shirt ($8), Bee tshirt ($5), Denim skirt ($10) and flats ($12).

Fullscreen capture 552011 121606 PM.bmp
Now this I love!! And since its a skort, Ellie will too! She actually loves headbands, so that will win major points! Butterfly tshirt ($10), plaid skort ($10), headband ($4) and sandals ($10).

Old Navy is another store I have great luck at for Ellie.

Maybe – just maybe – I could get away with these ruffles because she loves long shirts. What do you think?

These capris are adorable. But I’m thinking white might not work…

What are your go-to stores for each of your kids?

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  1. 1
    Kelly says:

    We love Gymboree and Land’s End stuff with a little Gap and ON thrown in. They get a mix of trendy and classic clothes that makes us all happy. I’m so with you on not dressing older than their age-they are little girls!
    It’s funny my oldest loved girly girl clothes for a long time, but is now more into the tomboy look. She and Ellie have a similar style.
    Audrey is all about dresses and feminine now, but she used to be the opposite! Funny how they change as they grow up.

  2. 2

    When I was that age and a bit older I used to (mom approved) shop at the limited too. Although you seem to have it totally under control, just thought maybe if you needed a back up.

  3. 3
    Lapurse says:

    Great picks! The stripes tank top and the denim shorts are so stylish:)

  4. 4
    Courtney says:

    The jean skirt outfit is too cute and I love the cut-offs. So cute. My princess is still so young I get to dress her as girly as I want. But surprisingly I have not gotten crazy with too girly

  5. 5
    Jen-MamaZen says:

    I couldn’t agree more about what is appropriate for little girls. I hate what I see in most store fronts and I dread the days when she wants to wear it. If I am lucky, it will never happen.

  6. 6
    julie says:

    Great pics! Those are some of my fave shops for my girly-girl, too. They always have a great mix.

  7. 7
    julie says:


  8. 8

    great picks! I appreciate moms who want their little girls to look the part!

  9. 9

    great picks! I appreciate moms who want their little girls to look the part!

  10. 10
    Melissa says:

    Lands End is great as well, Kelly! We have some hand-me-downs from LE that are at least 4 kids old! And their still in great shape!

  11. 11
    Melissa says:

    She didn’t like that tank top! i was so sure i have a hit with that one…. oh well! back to the store!

  12. 12
    Melissa says:

    why is that so hard? it such a struggle to find girls clothes that LOOK like little girls clothes, it makes me sad… and dread when they are teenagers!!