fashion friday: fashion resolutions

I’d sure love to have a new look for the new year. But for most of us, a new wardrobe, a personal stylist and a $500 haircut are not at our disposal to update our looks. So let’s look at some practical ways for us to update our looks for the new year:

Hanes Sometimes, its not your clothes that are making you look bad. Underthings are called “Foundation Garments” for a reason – your whole look is built over them and they can make or break you. Having children, losing and/or gaining weight and age can change things. Don’t just wear the same size and brand you always have – make sure that what you’re wearing FITS.

Let’s declare right now: Let 2011 be the Year of Keeping our Underwear Private. No more pantylines, no more whale tails, no more back fat, no more bra straps hanging out your clothes. I’m talking seamless panties, seamless bras… Invest a little money in your underthings. It will make a WORLD of difference in your look.  You don’t have to spend a fortune: Hanes makes wonderful seamless bras and panties that are really affordable and high quality.


Assets Repeat after me: “Embrace the shapewear. Shapewear is your friend.” Shapewear is on every celebrity you see on the red carpet. It was on every model in the fashion show I was in earlier this year. And its probably on most of your friends.

Trust me.

I have two favorite brands of shapewear. (Yes, I wear Shapewear. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.)  Assets by Sarah Blakely is terrific. It lasts forever, is affordable, really stays in place, and you can find it at Target or Loft. Yummie Tummie is wonderful as well, but pricier.  Shapewear is a bit of an investment – but you’ll wear it for years.

Clothes that do more:

1. Knit_Leggings_Black[1] There are so many clothes out there that have shapewear built in. Yes, you read that right – clothes that make you look skinny. Yummie Tummie makes leggings with shapewear that are fantastic – they not only give you a smooth look, but slim your whole leg! Nice! They make adorable tops as well. Miraclebody Jeans are fabulous – I wear the Jeggings all the time. Assets have really nice tights.

And did you know that they even have… wait for it… bathing suits with shapewear?? Seriously, girls, its a great time to be a woman! Brands from Lands End to Victoria’s Secret to Spanx have amazing bathing suits that will hold in all that you’re trying to hide. And they don’t look like shaping suits – its your little secret.

Add Accessories

Fullscreen capture 12302010 32308 PM Two of the season’s hottest accessories are belts and scarves. Go crazy, girls. They are super affordable, easy to add and are such a terrific way to quickly update your look.
Add a pop of color to jeans and a black sweater with a bright or textured scarf.
Cinch a tunic over your jeggings with a belt and you’ll instantly look on trend!

Check out Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Aldo for cool jewelry for practically nothing. Accessorizing is also a great way to try a new look without spending a lot of money.
When it really comes to sprucing up your look, there really are no shortcuts: it starts on the inside.Drink more water. Eat right.  And give a gift to yourself: one hour a week. Just one hour. By taking just 20 minutes, three times a week to exercise, you’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll see in your look! You’ll be more energized, your skin will be better, your clothes will fit better, you’ll look younger – not to mention thinner!

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    All I can say to this is YES!!! Thank you for the yummie tummie tip. I love Assets.

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    Irishbelle says:

    I love your Blog sister! I read it everyday in my email and it is so upbeat and such good tips for mommies! Albion did us well and you are awesome and such an amazing woman and mom! I will be looking for some of these tummie helpers in the next week!