leaving is hard too

Please don't ever think that husbands who travel for work a lot have it easy. It’s so tempting. As we talked about earlier this week, its hard to feel sorry for him while he’s
jetting around Europe, going to amazing restaurants, not to mention
getting to sleep in a hotel room alone, getting a full night sleep while I'm stuck
at home with the kids, eating cereal for dinner. 

But he's not on vacation. Not only is he super busy on his trips, usually coming home
exhausted and  jet lagged, but he has to also deal with this while he's gone…


…they have to leave a lot behind. How would you like finding that someone snuck that into your suitcase? Or listening to your daughter's tears on the phone because she wants you to tuck her in and you're not there?

"We miss you Dad but I will see you soon and I love you"
And that's me, Colin, Ellie and Gracie crying at the closed front door.

Its hard for them as well. They miss us too.

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  1. 1
    Kellyn says:

    So very true!!

  2. 2
    Dani_Zaz says:

    I totally get what you are saying. My husband just came back from a business trip and all while he was gone, my son would toddle around the house say “DaaaaD, Daaad?” When Hubs would call, Dustin would usually be asleep or crying in the back ground. However, I do get jealous sometimes that he gets time by himself and I have a child attached to me leg.