girlymama’s gift guide: for husbands and brothers

Giftguide I'm jumping on the gift guide train sleigh here at Girlymama. The
gift guide this year is not sponsored by anyone – its just a few items that I
love that I wanted to share!!

Shopping for my husband or brothers is super difficult. "Its a DVD and… another DVD! Followed by a DVD!"

It is sooo hard to find great gifts for those guys!! So here are some ideas that are popular in our family:

1. Tickets. Tickets are always appreciated by my husband and brothers: it doesn't matter if they are for their favorite sports team or as simple as movie tickets. They'll go over well!! (FYI – most sports teams have great deals! The Sixers have a holiday deal for $125 you  get 2 tickets to 3 games, a jersey and a food voucher!) If you want to do more of a "gift", throw in the tickets with a team jersey or movie theater candy so they have something to unwrap.
2. Techie gifts. Not gadgets for the sake of gadgets – just because it has a battery doesn't mean its useful. Find ones they will use. Do they like photography? Try camera accessories like an external flash or a color correcting filter
to help him take more amazing pictures. (Or Photoshop Elements for when the pictures aren't so great!) Play video games? An extra controller
for whatever system he has is always a great idea. Accessories for his cell phone. Does he travel a lot? A GPS
is helpful for getting around a new city.

3. Toys. No matter how old they are, they love the toys. Legos are always fun – what guy wouldn't love to make the Milliennum Falcon out of Legos? And they never outgrow video games. (This year, get Assassins Creed II, Madden NFL 10
and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.) Last Christmas with our family, we gave all the boys (ages 20-31) Nerf Dart Guns in their stockings and they were a huge HUGE hit. They were running around my mom's house shooting each other all weekend.
4. Classics.
Some things will never go out of style. A watch. A terrific tie. North Face hat or fleece. Cologne. A blazer. A Nalgene bottle. Any guy will use things like this and they will always be appreciated!

5. Gift cards. I know, I know. Zero imagination, right? But you can still get creative with gift cards. You can bundle them with an actual gift (see tickets example above). Bundle gift cards together (dinner and a movie, books and coffee). Give them something more original than a gift card to Best Buy or Home Depot. Are they active?  How about Ski/Snow Boarding, Go-Karting, or Rock Climbing passes?  Or a gift card to a sports store to get running shoes or biking accessories? Not for them? Try a certificate to get their car detailed or to a gift membership to Netflix.

6. Tools. My husband uses this headlamp all the time when he's working around the house. And a laser level will make it much easier for him to hang up the pictures you want 🙂 Again, don't just buy tools because he's a guy. Do your research to find out what he needs — and don't buy junky tools. Tools can last a lifetime if you buy good ones.
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    Stephanie says:

    I totally agree about the “junky tools” thing.
    Home improvement shops often feature 50-piece sets around Christmas that are reasonably priced, but poor quality. My husband has made it a point to tell me, “don’t ever buy me a set like that.” So I don’t.
    One well-made tool is better than a whole set of cheaper tools.